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Glass Effect Text

Sep. 27, 2011

Glass Effect Text V1.4 script creates glass effect text of any color, as well as Alpha to Logo selection. It’s based on the tutorial by Ron Scott located here.

You control the opacity of the glass and have full control over the shadow layer.

You can also choose to display the glass text with or without a patterned background.

Here are some examples of what can be done.

Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Glass on Mud

Glass on Mud



I find I get the best results when the text color is not too bright or too dark, but you can experiment with various fonts, background patterns and shadows.

A full discussion thread of this script is located on Gimp Chat.

Download and copy the script to your Gimp /scripts folder, then refresh.

The scripts will be located under File/Create/Logos ( and under Filters/Alpha to Logo.
Script Meu Location


Glass Effect Text
Glass Effect Text
Version: 1.4
Author: GnuTux
4.0 KiB

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