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Upload and Download Your Favorite FOSS GIMP Scripts & Plug-ins

Sep. 27, 2011

GIMP users are now able to upload their favorite GIMP scripts and Plug-ins with a simple and easy to use form.

The uploaded script/plug-in will be added to the database, with a unique page for each being added to the the website. That page will contain script/plug-in details, such as the author(s) name, license type, website/support link, along with a brief description of the operation of the scrip/plug-in.

If you are an author, maintainer or supporter of the script/plug-in, you’ll be able to answer questions and give script support right from the uploaded files individual support page or you can leave a link back to another support website.

All uploads will be held in our moderation queue for a brief time period before being posted live. This gives our staff a chance to review the script to ensure it has the proper license for distribution by Gimp Scripts.

Click here upload a script now.

Long live FOSS and long live GIMP!!

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