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3D Glassy Web Button

Oct. 17, 2011

Create a glassy 3D button for your website or other application. This is a round web 2.0 button/icon with a surrounding beveled metal ring.

This script includes user inputs for button size, outer ring width, custom color gradient and the coefficient to adjust layer gloss.


3D Glassy Web Button
3D Glassy Web Button
Version: 1.01
Author: samj
2.9 KiB

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  1. I’ve downloaded this into my scripts folder, but I can’t find it amongst my normal filters or Script-Fu filters menu
    So any idea what heading/sub-heading/name etc it’ll show up as?

  2. You’ll find it at Menu:


  3. Ahhhhh … hahaha I juuuust finished scripting this into python from that tutorial online, and then I find this 😛

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