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Liquid Water Effect

Oct. 15, 2011

Create text which looks like water on a tiled background. The script  also places  water droplets randomly surrounding the text. The script has many parameters to tweak, which allows the user  to get just the right effect they need.

Overall, this script does a good job of creating a fairly realistic water effect.

Gimp Chat Discussion Thread

This script has now been updated to v0.4 with improved anti-aliasing. Delete the old version v0.3 and replace with the new one. Also, this script is an update to the FX-Foundry version ( xtns-demartin-liquid-water.scm). If you have FX-Foundry installed, ensure  xtns-demartin-liquid-water.scm is removed. Otherwise, conflicts will occur.

Liquid Water Logo
Liquid Water Logo
Version: 0.4
Author: Philippe Demartin (updated by GnuTux)
10.1 KiB

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  1. The script comes up but when I click okay,nothing happens. Also it does the same thing when I try it with text, selected or not selected, same thing. I just downloaded the updated version today of version 0.3.

    • I see from the thread @ that you’ve gotten your problems solved. Those renamed scripts from FX-Foundy have caused countless problems.

  2. Michael Coiner says:
    October 17, 2011 at 1:23 am - Reply

    Is there a scm file for this script.
    When I click on Download I get a HTML file

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