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Path Waves

Oct. 06, 2011

Renders a path along sine, square and triangle waves. Allows asymmetrical waves and supports the rendering of two distinct paths.

As usual, it requires Python support, and appears in the right click menus on paths in the Paths dialog (“Decorate/Periodic wave/”)

  • Does sine, square, and triangle waves
  • Allows asymmetrical waves
  • Like slinky, supports the rendering of two distinct paths
  • Produces much cleaner paths with real Bezier curves (the more adventurous can even run it recursively on one of its outputs)
  • As a consequence, runs much faster than its predecessor, those used to brew some coffee while it ran will have to convert to instant coffee.

Support Thread:

Path Waves
Path Waves
Version: 0.2
Author: ofnuts
48.1 KiB

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