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Selection Bevel

Oct. 10, 2011

Selection Bevel 2.3 creates a bevel in the shape of the selection. The bevel is created on it’s own layer. You can adjust various things, like width, azimuth (light angle).

Installation Notes: Remove old version before installing the new version. Place the script in the plug-ins folder and make it executable.

Support threads on Gimp Chat: Old ThreadNew Thread


Selection Bevel
Selection Bevel
Version: 2.3
Author: DD
5.7 KiB

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  1. I love this plug-in, it is one of my favorites.

  2. I have tried and tried, followed every direction I could… I have copied the file into the “DocSet\My Name\Gimp-2.8\Plugins” folder and no Bevel! I am using XP.

    • It is also necessary to changing the executable flag on the .py file. I believe this can be done on Windows by right-clicking on the file in Explorer and editing its Properties.

  3. Thank you… That did work finally. You were correct you must right click on the file and select the Python.exe file to open it. A bit strange but it did work… Thanks!

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