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GURM – GIMP Unified Resource Manager

Oct. 03, 2012

GURM 0.8.4 manages GIMP resources on Windows Machines.

The idea for GURM is based on the Brush Manager by Sean Bogie. You can find the original Brush Manager here.

GURM was created by Sagenlicht from Cartographers Guild.

Steve J. Bush is listed as the author in the source code

Note: Please be sure to read the README for complete details on installation of this plug-in. If you want to use the Document Manager you have to add a Document Directory to both Gimp Paths or you can just leave Document gui. blank.

Visit the Support Link for GURM

GIMP Unified Resource Manager (GURM)
GIMP Unified Resource Manager (GURM)
Version: 0.8.4
Author: Sagenlicht & Steve J. Bush
833.9 KiB

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