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Frost Crystals

May. 11, 2013

The Frost Crystals script follows a tutorial written by K1TesseraEna frost crystals text effect and has two locations.

Frost Crystals[logo] at Script-Fu>Logos and requires a text input and background selection, other settings will adjust the output.

Support link for the script is here Frost Crystals Script

Frost Crystals[alpha] at Script-Fu>Alpha-to-Logo and requires a selection or drawable with alpha, a background choice, other settings will adjust the final output.


Wilbur rel2-logo

Wilbur rel2-logo-border-yellow

Wilbur rel2-logo-default-yellow

Frost Crystals
Frost Crystals
Frost Crystals.scm
Version: 3.3
Author: Graechan
19.9 KiB

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