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Sep. 03, 2013

EnviroLogo V1.3 allows you to quickly create logos using Environment Mapping. If you select custom Environment Map, this script will load and use it. Otherwise, it contains the same functionality as the EnviroMap script for generating Environment Maps.

This script is based on the Tutorial: Environment Mapped Text, which is highly recommended.

Supports both quick text logos and Alpha to Logo options.


Filters/Alpha to Logo/EnviroLogo

Visit the support thread on Gimp Chat for more details!

Note: For best results, before running this script, open any image and run Filters/Light And Shadow/Lighting Effects. Click the BumpMap tab and enable. Set the Depth to 0.01 and click OK. Keep the image open while using this script. The purpose of this action is to set the Bump Map depth of the lighting filter, which cannot be done inside a GIMP script. The Distance Amount, located under the Options tab, also cannot be changed via Script-Fu. With certain emaps/script settings, you might need to manually adjust this value, as well.





Version: 1.3
Author: GnuTux
31.8 KiB

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  1. tried
    it doesn’t work with the new version of lighting.exe (large preview)
    reloaded previous version, it works
    can be fixed to work also with the new lighting.exe?

  2. Thanks GnuTux.
    It works 100% on gimp 2.8 following your instructions above. Absolutely flawless.
    im using siduction firestarter with kernel 3.10.4 and kde 4.11.

    Thanks once again.

    im quite good with gimp and am trying to write my own scripts…

  3. Good job, GnuTux! Thank you for the contributions!

  4. I love your new update tux, thank you

  5. I am unable to use this plugin.
    The Script-Fu:EnviroLogo form extends below my desktop tool bar and I am unable to resize the form.
    I cannot access the the buttons used to cancel, reset or start the logo program.

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