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Luminosity Masks

Jun. 05, 2014

Following this Luminosity Masks tutorial, this script will create a desaturated layer(luminosity), create all the 9 channels talked about L, LL, LLL, D, DD, DDD, M, MM, MMM (in tutorial), make 9 copies of your active layer, add above channels as layer masks and set the appropriate layer names to represent the above channels. Then, deletes the desaturated layer and all 9 created channels once layers are created.

You’re left with extra 9 layers to play with (defaulted to invisible, you’ll have to play with them to manipulate your photo also move the layers around too depending on which layers you want to see)

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It wasn’t mentioned in the tutorial, because if you intersect LL and DD or intersect LLL and DDD you get nothing.
But according to saulgoode’s script (to generate channels)
MM is created by inverting LL channel then subtracting DD
MMM is created by inverting LLL channel then subtracting DDD.
So now this script does that.

Luminosity Masks
Luminosity Masks
Version: 1.0
Author: Tin Tran
19.1 KiB

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  1. HUGE thanks for this script! creating all those masks before starting to actually edit the picture took way too long!

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