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Tilt Shift

Aug. 14, 2014

Tilt Shift V0.8 creates the Tilt Shift effect to the lowest layer in the active image.

This script does not change the original image nor any settings within GIMP. Instead it creates two new layers each containing copies of the original image and applies the Gauss filter to achieve the Tilt shift effect. To undo this effect just deactivate or better delete theses new layers.

Menu Location
Filters/Tilt Shift



Airport-Frankfurt Tilt-shift

Version: 0.8
Author: Rayk onAir
5.4 KiB

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  1. exactly the kind of plugins that ask for a sample image. if you can’t upload it here, then go to…

  2. Here’s an example.

    Original image

    Using tilt shift script

    It’s a classic tilt shift effect, works well. It includes some basic customization options.

  3. Nice script! A preview window would be nice but it works pretty well. Thanks! Here’s a quick photo I made with it:

  4. Forgot to say that there is a bug in it. If you change the foreground and background colours in the GIMP, it uses those instead and can lead to incorrect results. For example, if you simply swap black and white around, it doesn’t work.

  5. What ? This is much easyer than it works in photoshop ! nice, verry nice! Congratulations guys !

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