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Diego Glass Frame Effect

Oct. 05, 2014

This script takes origin from the Gimp-chat topic KDE4/Aero Blur Effect.

The main and simple purpose of this script is:

  • Let the user perform his/her selection(s) (if not, a default selection is applied by the script)
  • Create on the remaining part of the image a glass effect, with different glass aspects
  • Leave selection(s) untouched, so that they look like through “holes” in the glass
  • This new version (1.1) does not require (functionality embedded, thanks to Graechan)
  • Requires G’MIC | Support Thread on GIMP Chat

Flow implemented to get the final result:

1. check whether the user did a selection: if not make one (a rounded rectangle)
2. duplicate the input layer
3. apply the chosen effect on the non-selected part of the image
4. duplicate again the original layer
5. apply on the non-selected part of the image a colour derived from the average (RobA script)
6. apply a bevelling effect (if so chosen by the user)
7. flatten the image (if so chosen by the user)

The script was developed step by step, taking into account the tests and suggestions coming from:
Issabella (Gimpchat member)
She did half a thousand experimental tests!

The script ended up with 11 different glass effects (they could have been much more, but I like some simplicity).
Some of them are -let me say- traditional glass effects:
– glass tiles
– textured glass

Other ones are more sophisticated glass effects:
– stained glass
– psychedelic glass
– polygonize
– fractalize

Another class of effects deals more with an hypothesis of painting and drawing “en plein air”:
while the selection(s) represent(s) the source reality, the “glass” around represents the work-in-process of the artist:
– coloured pencils
– etching
– charcoal
– cartoons
The remaining one is more an effect to direct the user’s attention on the selection(s):
– gradient flare

Additional improvements after:
-SallyAnne suggestion
-Graechan amendments (included RobA logic from Sample Average Colours.

note: requires python version of Layer FX plug-in


Textured Glass 27 outcomes Polygonise 35 outcomes Fractalise 8 outcomes Colored Pencil 30 outcomes 1831_white hibiscus psychedelic

DIEGO Glass Frame Effect
DIEGO Glass Frame Effect
Version: 1.1.0
Author: diego nassetti
24.4 KiB

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One comment

  1. have installed G’mic for windows 64bit (window version 1.7.9)

    getting this error when trying to run with some effects selected (presumably those effects which rely on g mic)

    ” Creates a glass frame around an image-v.1.1 Warning
    Error while executing script-fu-glass-frame-effect:

    Error: ( : 1) eval: unbound variable: plug-in-gmic

    GIMP Warning
    Plug-In ‘Creates a glass frame around an image-v.1.1’ left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.”

    have restarted gimp after installing gmic.
    do i need to do something after installing gmic to point gimp at the right file?


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