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Line Nova GT

Oct. 06, 2014

This is a updated version of the GIMP filter Line Nova by Shuji Narazaki. This new Version 0. 92 has been updated to create a standard nova effect using the selected color or gradient. The script now supports the use of a path to define the nova location and the nova offset radius.

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Menu: Filters/Render/Line Nova GT

Differences Between Line Nova and Line Nova GT

  • Line Nova GT adds the Line Nova on a separate layer
  • Line Nova GT now includes a Color/Gradient choice widget
  • Line Nova GT can use a path to determine location & offset radius
  • Line Nova GT supports standard and inverted Line Nova


Line Nova GT
Line Nova GT
Version: 0.92
Author: Shuji Narazaki - GnuTux - Graechan
10.4 KiB

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