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Extrude from Path

Nov. 03, 2014

Extrudes a 3D image from the active path, with a choice of color or gradient for the extrusion and color for the moment for the end cap. There are also settings for a drop-shadow and extrusion direction. The brush choice and brush-size settings are not applicable to any pre 2-8-14 Gimps (due to software bug)

Note! FreeType is an excellent plugin for creating paths from text or dingbats and is available here at GimpChat





Menu location is Script-Fu/Paths
Support link is located at GimpChat


Extrude From Path Rel2.4
Extrude From Path Rel2.4
Version: Rel2.4
Author: Graechan
14.7 KiB

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  1. Download the script twice. It is not working for me. Was before – Has been overwritten so now I have one that is not working. I have put a picture of the error I get in Gimp Chat. By the way I have been turning the text to a path.

  2. Still not working for me. I have done it from the download folder after deleteing the other and it still is not working. Thing is I don’t have a working one at all now. Oh well I didn’t use it much and will eventually work out how to do it manually I guess.
    Thanks for all you hard work in producing scripts for difficult/lazy people like me especially.

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