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Perspective and Rotation from Path

Apr. 30, 2015

Python plug-in which lets you rotate an image and apply a perspective correction by setting a path.

Perspective uses three points and rotation needs two.

Rotation will detect whether the line you are starting from is near vertical or near horizontal and apply a rotation that get to the closest orientation.

Menu Location
Tools/Transform Tools

Perspective Path
Perspective Path
Version: 1.3
Author: Stephen Geary
1.8 KiB

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  1. could you post an example of use (a micro tutorial)

  2. do you mean in the source? I didn’t find any.
    if not, where is the “details area”?

  3. oh, I see, you mean the “details” just below the download statistics, but there is no useful tip for the use: BTW, the use of the rotation looks self-explanatory, but for the perspective I would like to see an example (input->output), if possible

  4. eventually I found the link
    the perspective runs OK once understood the mechanism
    (the rotation was easier)
    there is also a misleading info: it says that the perspective needs 3 points, but it needs 4: 2 for defining the vertical line 1 and 2 to define the vertical line 2 (I speak in terms of verticality, because using different attempts you get a totally empty image)

  5. Hi
    I print onto coffee mugs.

    Will this plug in allow me to put a sample image onto a image of a mug so that it looks ” curved around mug” as if was printed ?

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