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1bit Bitmap Exporter To C Header

Aug. 12, 2016

1bit Bitmap Exporter To C Header V1.0

The Gimp exporter of 1 bit bitmaps to a C language header file.

Menu Location
File Export > C source code 1 bit header

The header file is formatted for embedded C programs. Variable names are derived from the filename. There are defines for width and height.

For small displays, each line of the data is approximately one scanline, and comments include the row number.

To invoke the plugin, create a 1-bit indexed image. Select “Export as” and look for the “C source code 1bit header” field. Inspired by “KS108 Exporter”

1bit Bitmap Exporter To C
1bit Bitmap Exporter To C
Version: 1.0
Author: Rick Foos
2.0 KiB

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