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Base64 GIMP Plugin

Aug. 12, 2016

Base64 Gimp Plugin V2.0

The Base64 GIMP plugin provides a graphical user interface that will allow image exports to base64.

Menu Location

With the batch option, the Base64 Gimp Plugin can export gif/jpg/png/xcf files grouped into a folder to base64. The output is optionally all base64 img tags saved to a single html file, base64 img tags saved to an html file per image, or .base64 files saved per image. Also generating no html or base64 files is an option.

Additionally, provides ability to export a group of xcf files to png format.


Base64 GIMP Plugin
Base64 GIMP Plugin
Version: 0.2.0
Author: William Crandell
16.3 KiB

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