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Layer Utils

Aug. 12, 2016

Layer Utils V0.8
This script offers additional layer manipulations

-Grouping [Layer]
Active-Layer grouping to Lower-Layer.
If Lower-Layer is Group then move to top of its children.
If not Group then create new Group, and It will its child Layer with Lower-Layer.

-Leave Group [Layer]
Move to upper of parent Layer(Group).
If group’s rest children is less than two then Group will disbanded.

-Fuzzy Merge [Layer]
Both the “Merge Down” and “Merge Group Layer”.
Can performs both is one Key.
also, if Lower-Layer is invisible then remove it.

-As New Image [Layer]
Create new Image from Active-Layer.
If Group-Layer is duplicate the layers tree.

-Nothing [Select]
Both the “None(select)” and “Anchor Layer(floating layer)”.
If “floating” attached layer is not empty then anchor to new layer of upper of it.

Menu Location:
Layer (and Select)

Layer Utils
Layer Utils
Version: 0.8
Author: Hong Kong
13.9 KiB

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