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Reflect on Ponds

Sep. 25, 2016

Filter to add to the INPUT DRAWABLE reflections on selected areas (one or more)
to simulate the existence of ponds

Flow implemented to get the final result:

1. check whether there is a selection (mandatory)
2. duplicate the source drawable (“ToReflectLayer”)
3. remove tha part below the “horizon” (defined as the top most pixel of the selection)
4. resize the image to the double of the upper part
5. duplicate the “ToReflectLayer” to have the “ReflectedLayer”,
flip it along the “horizon”
6. check whether the user chose to compress the reflection and apply compression factor
7. duplicate the “ReflectedLayer” to have the “WaterLayer”,
offset to the horizon line,
fill it with white, apply rgb noise, apply a gaussian blur, emboss it
8. apply perspective to the “WaterLayer”, apply a gaussian blur,
set FG to a dark greenish-blue and apply a FG-to-transp gradient
set layer to Hardlight at 90%
9. apply a gaussian blur to “ReflectedLayer”,
warp it using the “WaterLayer”
10.duplicate “WaterLayer” to get “PatternLayer”
fill it using chosen pattern
11.merge all created layers and resize to image size
12.restore original selection and cut whatever around
13.add a new layer for distortions,
fill with the pattern, emboss, apply whirl-pinch
14.merge with the PatternLayer
15.apply a little blur to the margin
16.flatten if requested

Author: diego nassetti
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  1. The water pattern is missing.

  2. waterblu.png

  3. Diego Nassetti says:
    September 25, 2016 at 7:37 am - Reply

    look at the post in Gimp-chat

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