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Render Snow

Sep. 03, 2016

Render Snow V1.0

Filter to render the snow effect on the input drawable.

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1. to get the best snow distribution, the original image is resized
scale :
rescaling smallest dimension to 1000
rescaling largest dimension proportionally
2. new drawable (ADDITION, 99%)
3. fill it with black
4. apply HSV noise
5. apply a threshold 127-255 and dilate
6. apply a motion blur (length = 3, angle = 45)
7. apply a gaussian blur of 3 pix
8. black to alpha
9. new drawable (ADDITION, 99%)
10.fill it with black
11.apply HSV noise
12.apply a threshold 143-255 and dilate 2 times
13.apply a motion blur (length = 6, angle = 135)
14.apply a gaussian blur of 7 pix and increase brightness/contrast to alpha drawable (ADDITION, 99%)
17.fill it with black
18.apply HSV noise
19.apply a threshold 159-255 and dilate 3 times
20.apply a motion blur (length = 9, angle = 90)
21.apply a gaussian blur of 11 pix and increase brightness/contrast to alpha
23.merge (in 2 steps) the 3 additional drawables
24.if flatten, merge the snow-layers merged at previous steps into the BG
25.rescale back to the original dimensions

Render Snow
Render Snow
Version: 1.0
Author: dinasset
2.2 KiB

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