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Lyle Style Details

Oct. 02, 2016

Filter to create a NEW image applying LYLE’s style for detail effects to the INPUT DRAWABLE

See this link for the ACE plug-in for Linux or Windows.

Versions supported
Gimp 2.8.18
G’MIC 1.7.7
Python as included in Gimp

– for all users
G’MIC latest version
Gimp Scheme filters
– invert-YUV.scm – Invert YUV
Gimp plug-ins:
– plug-in Stretch RGB Colours (.py) available at Gimp Scripts & Plug-ins
– plug-in gimp-ace (.exe for Windows)

Platform(s) Supported
– Windows
– other platforms where the plug-in gimp-ace has been ported (Linux?)

DIEGO ENHANCE LyleStyleDetails
DIEGO ENHANCE LyleStyleDetails
Version: 1
Author: Diego Nassetti
3.6 KiB

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