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Painting on Paper

Oct. 30, 2016

Filter to implement the creation of a NEW IMAGE looking as a painting
Three different looks are simulated:
– acrylic
– aquarel (watercolor)
– colored ink
All three look as paintings on paper.

Filters :
(Gimp) gimpressionist.exe (normally available in the standard Gimp installation)
(Gimp) cartoon.exe (normally available in the standard Gimp installation)
(Gimp) oilify.exe (normally available in the standard Gimp installation)
– – additional presets for gimpressionist (included in the released package):
– – – “GI-Paint-Sumall”
– – – “GI-Paint-Medium”
– – – “GI-Paint-Large”
(Gimp) Additional patterns (included in the released package):
– – “grungy-watercolor-textures-2-gray.jpg”
– – “Marble13.jpg”
(GMIC) segmentation (watershed)

Platform(s) Supported
– All platforms (warning: Mac users should check availability of the mentioned filters)

PaintingOnPaper (package)
PaintingOnPaper (package)
Version: 1
Author: Diego Nassetti
5.3 MiB

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One comment

  1. Surely trivial but I was not able to find how to install this filter (PaintingOnPaper). Any doc to explain this?
    I’m running gimp 2.8.14 under Debian 8.7 and I tried to unzip it under ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins without success.

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