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Poster: Diego Nassetti

Reflect on Ponds

Filter to add to the INPUT DRAWABLE reflections on selected areas (one or more)
to simulate the existence of ponds

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Diego Glass Frame Effect

This script takes origin from the Gimp-chat topic KDE4/Aero Blur Effect.

The main and simple purpose of this script is:

  • Let the user perform his/her selection(s) (if not, a default selection is applied by the script)
  • Create on the remaining part of the image a glass effect, with different glass aspects
  • Leave selection(s) untouched, so that they look like through “holes” in the glass
  • This new version (1.1) does not require (functionality embedded, thanks to Graechan)
  • Requires G’MIC | Support Thread on GIMP Chat


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Water Reflection

Script to implement “Water Reflection” of an image
based on dm-gen-1.2.1.scm, which is the script to build a displacement map (v.1.2.1) written by Andrey Lebedenko (Lucidlook) 2009.

Script’s Menu Location
/Script-Fu/Map/Full Water reflection with map

GC Support link is located here


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Draw Random Drops

The script allows you to draw random drops with the selected brush. More detailed instructions and custom brushes can be found on the GIMP Chat support thread.

Menu Location:
Script-Fu/Draw/Draw random drops


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Globe View

Facilitates the creation of an image as described in Issabella’s Manhattan City tutorial.

Support link is located here

Menu Location

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