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Category: Python-Fu

Gimp Python-Fu Plug-ins (python)

This filter has been written upon the assumption that a user likes to restore the original gray tones on an image which – originally gray – was over painted by watercolor light colours. It takes in input an RGB* image and replaces all bytes which do not have R=G=B with the max val (R, G, B), on the color theory basis which states that any overlayed colour does not add a colour but removes the complementary ones.

download here

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This filter has been written upon a request coming from Jon Brewer on Gimp Forum It takes in input an RGBA image and removes all bytes which do not have R=G=B and replaces them with Transparency


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Gradient Extrapolate

Gradient Extrapolate is a python plug-in, which fills gaps or removes objects surrounded by a gradient.

More information & examples can be found here.

Menu Location:
Filters > Enhance > Gradient Extrapolation

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Perspective and Rotation from Path

Python plug-in which lets you rotate an image and apply a perspective correction by setting a path.

Perspective uses three points and rotation needs two.

Rotation will detect whether the line you are starting from is near vertical or near horizontal and apply a rotation that get to the closest orientation.

Menu Location
Tools/Transform Tools

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Ungroup GroupLayer

Ungroup a GroupLayer, by moving all children to the same level as the parent. Run this on each GroupLayer to flatten the layer tree back into a layer stack.

Menu Location
Layer/Ungroup GroupLayer

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Split Layer Into Tiles

Split a layer into many layers, one for each tile. This is useful for editing tile-based images for some games and applications.

Menu Location
Layer/Split layer into tiles

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Transpose Tileset

Suppose the current layer has a tile-based image (e.g. the tileset for a game). This script will transpose all tiles, so that the tile at the position (1,0) will end at (0,1).

Very useful if you have your sprite sheet as a tall strip of frames (one on top of the other), but you need it as a horizontal strip (with frames side-by-side, as required by Game Maker). With this plugin, you can transpose the frames to convert from one format to another.

Menu Location
Layer/Transpose tileset

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Save All

Save All is a python plug-in which adds the capability to save all open images with one click. It’s been fully tested on windows XP and partially tested on Linux, with no problems.


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Symmetry Tile

This plug-in takes the selection from an image (“cell”) and produces a new image according to one of the 17 plane symmetry groups . These are also known as wallpaper groups or plane  crystallographic groups.

Basically it rotates and or flips copies of the cell, combines them to form a tile and then copies that tile to fill a new image.


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Interleave Layers

Interleave Layers v0.4 Python Plug-in interleaves layers from two different images.

Menu Location
Image/Interleave Layers


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