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Category: Python-Fu

Gimp Python-Fu Plug-ins (python)


This filter allows to enhance at the same time Luminosity, Contrast and Saturation of an Image.
The user sets up the “target” values and the filter can:
– either use an auto-adjustment based on the distance of current values from target
– or approaching the target in a “strong”, “normal” or “weak” action (user choice)

It may be used as a standalone filter as well as an ancillary preliminary step in other filters.

It makes:
1. Use of the Histogram mean value for the Luminosity
2. Use of the Histogram standard deviation for the Contrast
3. Use of the Saturation component in the HSV Mode of the Image

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Mosaic Stained Glass

This filter creates a new image giving to the input image the look of a STAINED GLASS WINDOW.

The filter has the following prerequisites:
a) Gimp plug-ins
— plug-in cartoonizer.exe
b) G’MIC – Latest version
c) Bevel Reflect Logo.scm
which requires:
d) ML Bevel Reflect

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Diego Mosaic Lyle Style

This filter has been inspired by Lyle’s experiments on Mosaic creation, posted on Gimp-chat
It generates a “Roman style” mosaic (tiles contouring the shape)

You must have these 2 scripts/ plus G’MIC installed (links to these available at
1) fill transform .scm (optional)
2) mozaic tile helper.scm
3) G’MIC 1.6.9

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Funny mosaic based on GMIC Shapeism

Required filters
– (Gimp)
– (Gimp) Cartoonizer.exe
– (Gimp) Bevel-Reflect-Logo.scm

This filter has been inspired by Lyle’s experiments on G’MIC Shapeism filter, posted on Gimp-chat
It generates a “funny” mosaic (tile shape at user choice)

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This filter has been written upon the assumption that a user likes to restore the original gray tones on an image which – originally gray – was over painted by watercolor light colours. It takes in input an RGB* image and replaces all bytes which do not have R=G=B with the max val (R, G, B), on the color theory basis which states that any overlayed colour does not add a colour but removes the complementary ones.

download here

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This filter has been written upon a request coming from Jon Brewer on Gimp Forum It takes in input an RGBA image and removes all bytes which do not have R=G=B and replaces them with Transparency

Download here

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Gradient Extrapolate

Gradient Extrapolate is a python plug-in, which fills gaps or removes objects surrounded by a gradient.

More information & examples can be found here.

Menu Location:
Filters > Enhance > Gradient Extrapolation

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Perspective and Rotation from Path

Python plug-in which lets you rotate an image and apply a perspective correction by setting a path.

Perspective uses three points and rotation needs two.

Rotation will detect whether the line you are starting from is near vertical or near horizontal and apply a rotation that get to the closest orientation.

Menu Location
Tools/Transform Tools

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Ungroup GroupLayer

Ungroup a GroupLayer, by moving all children to the same level as the parent. Run this on each GroupLayer to flatten the layer tree back into a layer stack.

Menu Location
Layer/Ungroup GroupLayer

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Split Layer Into Tiles

Split a layer into many layers, one for each tile. This is useful for editing tile-based images for some games and applications.

Menu Location
Layer/Split layer into tiles

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