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Category: Python-Fu

Gimp Python-Fu Plug-ins (python)

Symmetry Tile

This plug-in takes the selection from an image (“cell”) and produces a new image according to one of the 17 plane symmetry groups . These are also known as wallpaper groups or plane  crystallographic groups.

Basically it rotates and or flips copies of the cell, combines them to form a tile and then copies that tile to fill a new image.


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Interleave Layers

Interleave Layers v0.4 Python Plug-in interleaves layers from two different images.

Menu Location
Image/Interleave Layers


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An improved version of the Scale2X -algorithm, which includes a threshold setting, making it more suitable for non-indexed images than plain Scale2X.

It works best on icons, etc. computer-generated images, not as good for photos. The more colourful the source image, the higher you should set the threshold. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the optimal setting for each image.

Menu Location: Filters/Artistic

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This script is meant as an automatic in-betweener when doing animation using paths, but there are other uses (the image above was obtained by merging the intermediate paths). You can obtain some some fun effects (for instance, moirés, by generating very dense intermediate paths and stroking them with sub-pixel widths).


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TraceOver Suite

Light-box-like workflow for improving, tightening, or inking rough drawings. Photoshop use of such workflow depends of “adjustment” layers, which GIMP does not have, but these Scripts work around this.

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Animation Frame Delay

Allows to rename all layers to add (XXXms) (animation frame delay spec) to each layer name.

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Grid Path

Grid Path creates or renders a grid made of paths.


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GURM – GIMP Unified Resource Manager

GURM 0.8.4 manages GIMP resources on Windows Machines.

The idea for GURM is based on the Brush Manager by Sean Bogie. You can find the original Brush Manager here.

GURM was created by Sagenlicht from Cartographers Guild.

Steve J. Bush is listed as the author in the source code

Note: Please be sure to read the README for complete details on installation of this plug-in. If you want to use the Document Manager you have to add a Document Directory to both Gimp Paths or you can just leave Document gui. blank.

Visit the Support Link for GURM

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This python plugin generates spirograph style vector paths.

A great dicussion and demonstration thread can be found here on Gimp Chat.


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Wrap Map

WrapMap is a Python plugin for Gimp that wraps a user-defined border around a shape (determined by the selection). For instance, given this shape (obtained by a text-to-selection):

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