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Category: Script-Fu

Gimp Script-Fu Scripts (scheme)

Export For Android

Export For Android V1.0

Exports the current image as a set of Android PNG drawables for different screen densities (MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI, XXHDPI).

Menu Location
File/Export For Android

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Mythical V0.01

Create awesome atmospheric lighting and “Mythical” effect in Gimp.

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Draw Numbers

Draw Numbers v1.1

Make several colored circle with numbers from x to x+n.

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Hexmap V1.0

Produce hex based maps, with fancy features.

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Center Light

Center Light V1.0

This plugin allows you to create a vignette around the current image or layer.

Menu Location
Filters>Apply Vignette


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Infrared Effect

Infrared Effect V1.2

Adds an infrared effect to an image.

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Layer Utils

Layer Utils V0.8
This script offers additional layer manipulations

-Grouping [Layer]
Active-Layer grouping to Lower-Layer.
If Lower-Layer is Group then move to top of its children.
If not Group then create new Group, and It will its child Layer with Lower-Layer.


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Spherical Zoom

Creates 3D (spherical) text or pattern.

First you create a square image.

Next, create a layer with text or pattern in the middle half, then layer to image size this layer, then select this layer and run script on this layer.

The script will call map-object multiple times as it scales up copies of your selected layer to create 3D effect.


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Rusted will create a Text Logo with a rust like finish on a layer with an alpha background or a selection. It creates an image with a rust like finish.Support Thread is located at GimpChat

Menu Locations


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Pulsing Sparkle Animation

GnuTux and Saulgoode created an engine to make Bitmap Images, I have used this to create a script, under GnuTux’s Guidance. The script is similar to the Bling animation script except no pattern files are needed.

Settings ‘Min Pulse Value’ has been Added to assist you with¬† setting the pulse. Rremember the ‘Min Pulse Opacity’= Min Pulse Value/2.55

Support Thread Located here at GimpChat


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