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Tag: 3D Extrusion

Spherical Zoom

Creates 3D (spherical) text or pattern.

First you create a square image.

Next, create a layer with text or pattern in the middle half, then layer to image size this layer, then select this layer and run script on this layer.

The script will call map-object multiple times as it scales up copies of your selected layer to create 3D effect.


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3D Extrusion

3D Extrusion V2.3 extrudes the image or selection in a given layer. Supports bump mapping, multiple extrusion options and pattern overlay. Supports GIMP 2.8.x with layer groups, while maintaining backward compatibility with GIMP 2.6.x.

The official support thread containing detailed information on the features and use of this script is located here on Gimp Chat.


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