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Tag: 3D

Extrude from Path

Extrudes a 3D image from the active path, with a choice of color or gradient for the extrusion and color for the moment for the end cap. There are also settings for a drop-shadow and extrusion direction. The brush choice and brush-size settings are not applicable to any pre 2-8-14 Gimps (due to software bug)

Note! FreeType is an excellent plugin for creating paths from text or dingbats and is available here at GimpChat


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3D Extrusion

3D Extrusion V2.3 extrudes the image or selection in a given layer. Supports bump mapping, multiple extrusion options and pattern overlay. Supports GIMP 2.8.x with layer groups, while maintaining backward compatibility with GIMP 2.6.x.

The official support thread containing detailed information on the features and use of this script is located here on Gimp Chat.


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Glossy Metal 3D Text

Creates a nice glossy metal like effect on text.


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3D Metal Text

Create metal text with a variety of user controlled options, including metal finish, brightness, tint color, 3D depth.

Add your own background with control over fills, patterns, colors and gradients.This script also includes the option to keep individual layers.
as well as using a technique Draconian pointed out in his “Crinkled Tinfoil” tutorial.

Metal Text is Located at Script-Fu>Logos

Metal Alpha is Located at Script-Fu>Alpha-to-Logo

The Support link is at

Rel 0.05 – Added additional Backgrounds,including a lomo-option and changed the text image to face different direction.

Rel 0.06 – Added the Alpha Script to the file Located at Script-Fu>Alpha-t0-Logo

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3D Truchet

There are some interesting discussions regarding the creation of 3D Truchet Patterns in the following Gimp Chat threads located here, here, here and here.

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3D Glassy Web Button

Create a glassy 3D button for your website or other application. This is a round web 2.0 button/icon with a surrounding beveled metal ring.

This script includes user inputs for button size, outer ring width, custom color gradient and the coefficient to adjust layer gloss.

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3D Screenshot

Creates a stylish decoration for a screenshot or other image.

The width of the image should be around 150% of the height of the image. Best results can be had by experimenting with the image size settings in this script.


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Glossy Stroke 3D

This plug-in will stroke the current selection, create a 3D effect and a  drop shadow.

The plug-in has user selectable effect colors, stroke type,  shadow settings, as well as 3D  and lighting effect adjustments. The plug-in leaves all raw layers intact, allowing for maximum flexibility,


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