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Pulsing Sparkle Animation

GnuTux and Saulgoode created an engine to make Bitmap Images, I have used this to create a script, under GnuTux’s Guidance. The script is similar to the Bling animation script except no pattern files are needed.

Settings ‘Min Pulse Value’ has been Added to assist you with¬† setting the pulse. Rremember the ‘Min Pulse Opacity’= Min Pulse Value/2.55

Support Thread Located here at GimpChat


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Flip & Stick

This script takes a set of layers and appends a flipped copy of the layers to a copy of the layers, producing a longer looped animation from any animation.

Note: This script unoptimizes, adds the frames then optimizes the resulting image so, if your animation replaces the whole frame each time or even part of the time then you may want to run unoptimize on the output.

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Animated Kaleidoscope Effect

This script is amazing as it will create an animation akin to a kaleidoscope effect. The script works on selections, and single layers or single images.

Kaleidoscope.exe (Windows 32 bit only) is also required. You can get that here.


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Animated Flowing Sand

This script creates an animated flowing sand effect.

Menu Location
Script-Fu/Fencepost/Animation/Animators/Flowing Sand


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Animated Path Stroke Suite

Animated Path Stroke Suite V1.0 takes a single path or a series of paths and paints the paths on individual frames, creating an animated hand-drawn effect.

Visit the support thread on Gimp Chat.


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Animated Fire

Adds Animated Fire to an image. Includes several other effects, such as Animated Equalizer, Mosaic and Bubbles, as well.

Based on a Tutorial by ash44455666

Visit the Support link on Gimp Chat


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Animation Frame Delay

Allows to rename all layers to add (XXXms) (animation frame delay spec) to each layer name.

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Semi-flatten All Layers

The script animation-settings-semiflatten.scm is used to semi-flatten all layers in a .gif animation. Updated to V1.1 to maintain user settings when ran.

The usage of the script is demonstrated in this thread on GIMP Chat.

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Animated Snowfall

Create an animated snowfall effect over an existing background image (must be RGB type). You can add snow to an existing animation (convert it to an RGB type first – Image Menu > Mode > RGB) or you can export the snow layers to separate images for additional processing in other programs or in GIMP GAP.

You can also set the snowflake size and blur the flakes.

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SG Combine/Overlay Background

This script adds two commands which either overlays or combines the background (bottom) layer to the rest of the visible layers.

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