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GT Bevel

GT Bevel is an improved version of GIMP’s Add Bevel script. The user can select the slope type, as well as height, width & light direction. When selecting “Keep Layers”, the bevel will be placed on a separate layer. Support thread on GIMP Chat.

Menu Location
Filters/Decor/GT Bevel


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Chisel Or Carve

Chisel v1.3 is an alternative to GIMP’s built-in beveling filter, with versatile options to allow the creation of a variety of different bevels.

Menu Location
/Filters/Decor/_Chisel or Carve…

Support Topic on GIMP Chat


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Selection Bevel

Selection Bevel 2.3 creates a bevel in the shape of the selection. The bevel is created on it’s own layer. You can adjust various things, like width, azimuth (light angle).

Installation Notes: Remove old version before installing the new version. Place the script in the plug-ins folder and make it executable.

Support threads on Gimp Chat: Old ThreadNew Thread


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