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Filter to create a NEW image from the INPUT DRAWABLE
having the look of a PLAIN KNITTED sweater.

– Extrn Filters: (Gimp) *none
(G’MIC) *none
– Gimp Resource: Used Pattern: “MShine07.png” (included in the package)

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Filter to create a new image simulating a CROCHET LOOK
coloured and patterned.

Versions supported
– Gimp 2.8.22
– Python as included in Gimp

– Extrn Filters: (Gimp) *none
(G’MIC) *none

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Simple filter to implement the stretching of colours in the INPUT IMAGE
Expand the functionality of the existing filter: “Stretch_RGB_Colours”.
Additional features:
a) stretches also the histogram values and not only the single R,G,B
b) uses float values for the percentages to have a more precise control
c) works on a duplicated layer to let the user adjusting opacity

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Stretch RGB Colors

Stretch RGB Colors V1.0

Menu Location

Flow implemented to get the final result:

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This filter allows to enhance at the same time Luminosity, Contrast and Saturation of an Image.
The user sets up the “target” values and the filter can:
– either use an auto-adjustment based on the distance of current values from target
– or approaching the target in a “strong”, “normal” or “weak” action (user choice)

It may be used as a standalone filter as well as an ancillary preliminary step in other filters.

It makes:
1. Use of the Histogram mean value for the Luminosity
2. Use of the Histogram standard deviation for the Contrast
3. Use of the Saturation component in the HSV Mode of the Image

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This filter has been written upon the assumption that a user likes to restore the original gray tones on an image which – originally gray – was over painted by watercolor light colours. It takes in input an RGB* image and replaces all bytes which do not have R=G=B with the max val (R, G, B), on the color theory basis which states that any overlayed colour does not add a colour but removes the complementary ones.

download here

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