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An improved version of the Scale2X -algorithm, which includes a threshold setting, making it more suitable for non-indexed images than plain Scale2X.

It works best on icons, etc. computer-generated images, not as good for photos. The more colourful the source image, the higher you should set the threshold. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the optimal setting for each image.

Menu Location: Filters/Artistic

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Render Texture

This script automates creating simple textures, using solid noise/emboss. Easily create paper-like textures or more coarse gravel-like ones. The texture appears on it’s own layer with a black layer mask.

You can adjust opacity, layer mode, and various other settings beforehand, and you can also see a preview of how it will look.


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Selection Bevel

Selection Bevel 2.3 creates a bevel in the shape of the selection. The bevel is created on it’s own layer. You can adjust various things, like width, azimuth (light angle).

Installation Notes: Remove old version before installing the new version. Place the script in the plug-ins folder and make it executable.

Support threads on Gimp Chat: Old ThreadNew Thread


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