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Tag: Diego Nassetti

Rod Style Details

Filter to create a NEW image applying ROD’s style for detail effects to the INPUT DRAWABLE


Flow implemented to get the final result:

1. save current context
2. prepare the new image, copying the source drawable into the new BG
add noise, if chosen by the user (useful on people images)
3. duplicate the BG, name it LumaInvertedLayer, SOFTLIGHT with opacity=100%
4. apply Gimp Luma Invert (script-fu-invert-YUV) on the above layer
5. new from visible, name it Visible1Layer, NORMAL with opacity=100%
6. duplicate the Visible1Layer, name it NeonLayerLayer, GRAIN_MERGE with opacity=100%
apply Gimp Neon then apply Gimp Unsharp Mask (user parameter for details level)
7. duplicate the BG on top, and call it BGonTop, SOFTLIGHT with opacity 100%
8. flatten the new image if requested

Versions supported
Gimp 2.8.18
G’MIC 1.7.7
Python as included in Gimp

– Gimp plug-ins:
– script_fu_invert_YUV

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Mosaic Stained Glass

This filter creates a new image giving to the input image the look of a STAINED GLASS WINDOW.

The filter has the following prerequisites after the update:
– for all users: G’MIC latest version
– for Windows users only: Gimp plug-in cartoonizer.exe
– for other OS users: none

Just added version QT
Menu location is
Diego/Mosaic (NOT Diego/Artistic)

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Globe View

Facilitates the creation of an image as described in Issabella’s Manhattan City tutorial.

Support link is located here

Menu Location

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