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Diego Glass Frame Effect

This script takes origin from the Gimp-chat topic KDE4/Aero Blur Effect.

The main and simple purpose of this script is:

  • Let the user perform his/her selection(s) (if not, a default selection is applied by the script)
  • Create on the remaining part of the image a glass effect, with different glass aspects
  • Leave selection(s) untouched, so that they look like through “holes” in the glass
  • This new version (1.1) does not require (functionality embedded, thanks to Graechan)
  • Requires G’MIC | Support Thread on GIMP Chat


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Gradient Frame

Gradient Frame has no dependencies but comes with additional files that you can load. Place Gradient Frame.scm in your gimp scripts folder and refresh

Menu Location is Script-Fu/Edges/Gradient Frame

Support Thread Located Here..


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Moulded Picture Frame

This script allows you to border your image with various styles of moulded picture frames.

Note: Requires the installation of WrapMap-0.4 plug-in by Ofnuts in order to function.

Gimp Chat support thread for this script can be found here.


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Mats and Frames

This script will render a mat and a beveled frame around an image.

Matting and framing are separate operations, with user selectable textures, patterns, colors and bevel settings. This is a versatile script with a plethora of configuration options for maximum flexibility.


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