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Tag: Glass

Diego Glass Frame Effect

This script takes origin from the Gimp-chat topic KDE4/Aero Blur Effect.

The main and simple purpose of this script is:

  • Let the user perform his/her selection(s) (if not, a default selection is applied by the script)
  • Create on the remaining part of the image a glass effect, with different glass aspects
  • Leave selection(s) untouched, so that they look like through “holes” in the glass
  • This new version (1.1) does not require (functionality embedded, thanks to Graechan)
  • Requires G’MIC | Support Thread on GIMP Chat


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Plastic or Glass

Plastic or Glass creates a Plastic or glass image with optional backgrounds and various settings. The File contains 2 options: a Logo and an Alpha option. The Logo script creates text, and the Alpha script works on a selection or transparent background.

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Glass Effect Text

Glass Effect Text V1.4 script creates glass effect text of any color, as well as Alpha to Logo selection. It’s based on the tutorial by Ron Scott located here.

You control the opacity of the glass and have full control over the shadow layer.

You can also choose to display the glass text with or without a patterned background.


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