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Tag: Gradient

Gradient Extrapolate

Gradient Extrapolate is a python plug-in, which fills gaps or removes objects surrounded by a gradient.

More information & examples can be found here.

Menu Location:
Filters > Enhance > Gradient Extrapolation

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Gradient Stroke

Gradient Stroke V1.4 creates a gradient stroke by copying the selected layer, filling with the gradient, shrinking (or growing) by the stroke width, then clearing the remainder of the layer.

If no selection is detected, the script performs Alpha to Selection. Otherwise, the script uses the existing selection. Setting Stroke Width to zero directs script to fill.

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Gradient Frame

Gradient Frame has no dependencies but comes with additional files that you can load. Place Gradient Frame.scm in your gimp scripts folder and refresh

Menu Location is Script-Fu/Edges/Gradient Frame

Support Thread Located Here..


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Sample A Gradient Along A Path

Create a GIMP Gradient .ggr by sampling along a path.

Thread On Gimp Chat

Menu Location
Gradient Dialog/Right Click


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