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Filter to implement the creation on a NEW image from the INPUT DRAWABLE
having a “metallized” aspect, using one of four different techniques
and with one to three colour aspect (grayscale, mid-colour, full-colour)

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Glossy Metal 3D Text

Creates a nice glossy metal like effect on text.


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Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron can Create shapes or Logos with the texture and look of wrought-iron work. Place the Wrought Iron.scm in your scripts folder and refresh.

The script has 2 Menu Locations.  Wrought Iron is located in Script-Fu/Alphs-to-Logo and creates a Wrought iron outline on a selection or layer with a transparent background. Wrought Iron Logo is located in Script-Fu/Logos and creates a Logo.

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Antique Metal

Antique Metal Release 3 creates an antique metal look text or logo with an optional frame or/and vignette. This script requires the G’MIC Plugin Support thread for this script can be found at Gimp Chat. (more…)

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3D Metal Text

Create metal text with a variety of user controlled options, including metal finish, brightness, tint color, 3D depth.

Add your own background with control over fills, patterns, colors and gradients.This script also includes the option to keep individual layers.
as well as using a technique Draconian pointed out in his “Crinkled Tinfoil” tutorial.

Metal Text is Located at Script-Fu>Logos

Metal Alpha is Located at Script-Fu>Alpha-to-Logo

The Support link is at

Rel 0.05 – Added additional Backgrounds,including a lomo-option and changed the text image to face different direction.

Rel 0.06 – Added the Alpha Script to the file Located at Script-Fu>Alpha-t0-Logo

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Creates Metal Text Effects


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