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Tag: Mosaic


Filter to implement the creation of a new image starting from the input drawable
looking as a mosaic with tiles of different formats and sizes.

Versions supported
– Gimp 2.8.22
– Python as included in Gimp

– Extrn Filters: (Gimp) *none
(G’MIC) *none

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Filter to create an image looking as a print on stone.

– none (it makes use of the external filter Chisel.scm only on request)

Version 2
Will check OS environment (Windows/Linux)
– define slash format according to the OS to properly access the files

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Mosaic Stained Glass

This filter creates a new image giving to the input image the look of a STAINED GLASS WINDOW.

The filter has the following prerequisites after the update:
– for all users: G’MIC latest version
– for Windows users only: Gimp plug-in cartoonizer.exe
– for other OS users: none

Just added version QT
Menu location is
Diego/Mosaic (NOT Diego/Artistic)

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Diego Mosaic Lyle Style

This filter has been inspired by Lyle’s experiments on Mosaic creation, posted on Gimp-chat
It generates a “Roman style” mosaic (tiles contouring the shape)

You must have these 2 scripts/ plus G’MIC installed (links to these available at
1) fill transform .scm (optional)
2) mozaic tile helper.scm
3) G’MIC 1.6.9

Now available – Diego Mosaic Lyle Style 1.2 which supports G’MIC QT.

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Funny mosaic based on GMIC Shapeism

Required filters
– (Gimp)
– (Gimp) Cartoonizer.exe
– (Gimp) Bevel-Reflect-Logo.scm

This filter has been inspired by Lyle’s experiments on G’MIC Shapeism filter, posted on Gimp-chat
It generates a “funny” mosaic (tile shape at user choice)

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Cobblestone Mosaic

Create an interesting and fun cobblestone mosaic effect from any image. This script is based on a tutorial by Lylejk.

The support thread for this script can be found at Gimp Chat Forums


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Photo Mosaic

Creates a photo mosaic of a given image.


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