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Filter to create a NEW image from the INPUT DRAWABLE
where the inward-borders created for each colour area
are “painted” with a brush newly created from a set
of chosen patterns

Versions supported
– Gimp 2.8.22
– Python as included in Gimp

– Extrn Filters: (Gimp) *none
(G’MIC) *none
– Patterns: a set of decorating patterns (default provided)

– RobA: “Mosaic Tile Helper”
TinTran+Ofnuts: code for rotating strokes
both contributions used inside the internal function BordersInwardRepeatDTP

Platform(s) Supported
– All

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Perspective and Rotation from Path

Python plug-in which lets you rotate an image and apply a perspective correction by setting a path.

Perspective uses three points and rotation needs two.

Rotation will detect whether the line you are starting from is near vertical or near horizontal and apply a rotation that get to the closest orientation.

Menu Location
Tools/Transform Tools

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GC Lens-Flare

I created an Adjustable Lens-Fare script for my own use some time ago and have decided to post for others to enjoy and try out, it works from a selection or a path with 3 anchor points.

Menu Location is Filters/Light and Shadow/GC Lens-Flare

Support link is at GimpChat


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Line Nova GT

This is a updated version of the GIMP filter Line Nova by Shuji Narazaki. This new Version 0. 92 has been updated to create a standard nova effect using the selected color or gradient. The script now supports the use of a path to define the nova location and the nova offset radius.

GIMP Chat Support Thread

Menu: Filters/Render/Line Nova GT

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Animated Path Stroke Suite

Animated Path Stroke Suite V1.0 takes a single path or a series of paths and paints the paths on individual frames, creating an animated hand-drawn effect.

Visit the support thread on Gimp Chat.


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SG Arrow Stroke Path

Creates a new layer and paints an arrow-headed line based on the active path.

Menu Location: Edit/Arrow Stroke Path

Support Link Here

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