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Filter to create a NEW image from the INPUT DRAWABLE
where the inward-borders created for each colour area
are “painted” with a brush newly created from a set
of chosen patterns

Versions supported
– Gimp 2.8.22
– Python as included in Gimp

– Extrn Filters: (Gimp) *none
(G’MIC) *none
– Patterns: a set of decorating patterns (default provided)

– RobA: “Mosaic Tile Helper”
TinTran+Ofnuts: code for rotating strokes
both contributions used inside the internal function BordersInwardRepeatDTP

Platform(s) Supported
– All

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Chisel Or Carve

Chisel v1.3 is an alternative to GIMP’s built-in beveling filter, with versatile options to allow the creation of a variety of different bevels.

Menu Location
/Filters/Decor/_Chisel or Carve…

Support Topic on GIMP Chat


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RR Make Seamless

Make an image seamless. Useful for creating seamless patterns.

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Offset Path

It will create a new path, with all the nodes offset in a way that the new path lines are all parallel and offset those of the original.

offset path

offset path

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RMA Selection Blend

Fills a selection with a gradient, following the selection boundaries, horizontally or vertically. Updated with a gradient picker and a “reverse” direction option.

Visit The Gimp Chat Support Link For Selection Blend

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Sample A Gradient Along A Path

Create a GIMP Gradient .ggr by sampling along a path.

Thread On Gimp Chat

Menu Location
Gradient Dialog/Right Click


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Flood Out Transparency

Flood out colours until there is no transparency.

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Pattern Scale

A script to take the current pattern, scale it and leave a copy in the clipboard. Gimp 2.6 lets you use the image in the clipboard as a fill pattern, so you can just use it from there. Now handles patterns rescaled larger than 512×512. If larger than 512×512 it will save the scaled pattern to a file, refresh patterns, and set the active pattern to be the saved file. (It uses the same pattern file name every time, so calling the script repeatedly will not build up a large number of scaled pattern files.)

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Paste Into Selection

Pastes the current buffer as a new layer scaled to the current selection above the current active layer or scales the canvas. If there is no active layer, the aspect ratio is preserved and the current default interpolation method is used.

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