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Tag: Rod Detmer

Ice Anything

Creates an icy effect on text or objects on a transparent layer.

Create a text layer, select the layer and run the script.

Visit support thread on Gimp Chat.


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Crayon Text

Crayon Text actually will work on shapes or text. Once installed in your scripts folder the filter can be found at Script-Fu>Text Effects>Crayon Text.

The filter creates a crayon like effect on shapes or text on a transparent layer.
It has two settings Messiness and Color.This script only works correctly in Gimp-2.8 versions.


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Chiseled Steel Text

This filter will create a chiseled steel effect on anything with a transparent layer whether it be text or a shape.

After installing in the scripts folder you will find it under Script-Fu>Text Effects>Chiseled Steel Text.

This script requires and python (Python-2.7 is already included in Gimp-2.8 and higher), to run correctly. (more…)

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Embroidery Stitcher

This filter will render a nice embroidery effect on your image. It works best with a multi colored image.

After you install this script into your scripts folder you will find it at Filters>Artistic>Embroidery Stitcher.


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