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SG Arrow Stroke Path

Creates a new layer and paints an arrow-headed line based on the active path.

Menu Location: Edit/Arrow Stroke Path

Support Link Here

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SG Contour Fill

Script to scale each row of layer to fit selection, which basically warps and image into any shaped selection.

Visit The Gimp Chat Support Link For Contour Fill


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SG Platonic Calendar

This script creates a “Platonic calendar” (a dodecahedron is a 12-sided platonic solid) and is found under “File->Create”. The default edge-length of “450” should produce an image suitable for printing on a DIN A4 sheet of paper at 300DPI (though this may need some tweaking).

Visit the support thread on Gimp Chat for discussions and examples of this script,

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SG Calendar

This script provides two new commands which can be used to generate a calendar for a particular month or for an entire year.

Updated: 01/2012 to include Hungarian and Polish language translations.

Updated: 10/2012 so that it can now produce multi-month calendars.


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SG Combine/Overlay Background

This script adds two commands which either overlays or combines the background (bottom) layer to the rest of the visible layers.

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SG Warped Text

This script will warp text to fit inside a four-point “Bezier patch”. The bezier patch is created with the Path Tool by first placing an anchor where the upper-left corner of the text should go, followed by three more anchors running clockwise around the perimeter.

Once your shape path is created, running the script on any text layer will result in a new path.


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SG Toon-inator

This filter adds two layers above the active layer which provide for a cartoon-like effect in the projected result. The two layers are named “Retinex” and “Edges”. The Edges layer provides a small amount of black outline to the image (which can later be increased by using Value Propagate or somesuch), whereas the Retinex layer provides the bulk of the effect.


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