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Tag: Selection

Hatch Selection Layer

Creates a hatch pattern of current selection in a new layer.


This script code is called by Auto Hatch Layers script which will hatch your whole image after reducing it down to specified number of colors.  But installing this script isn’t required in order to use because the Auto Hatch Layers script is a stand-alone script now.


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RMA Selection Blend

Fills a selection with a gradient, following the selection boundaries, horizontally or vertically. Updated with a gradient picker and a “reverse” direction option.

Visit The Gimp Chat Support Link For Selection Blend

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Zoom Selection

Creates a Zoom effect on a selection.

Note: Creates a new menu item titled “Script-Fu” across the top menu bar in GIMP.

Support Thread on Gimp Chat here.


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Glossy Stroke 3D

This plug-in will stroke the current selection, create a 3D effect and a  drop shadow.

The plug-in has user selectable effect colors, stroke type,  shadow settings, as well as 3D  and lighting effect adjustments. The plug-in leaves all raw layers intact, allowing for maximum flexibility,


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