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Rusted will create a Text Logo with a rust like finish on a layer with an alpha background or a selection. It creates an image with a rust like finish.Support Thread is located at GimpChat

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Gmic Logos

This script brings together various Gmic effects to create Logos in Gimp, Options include different Frames to choose from.

Note: with Rel2.1 it is necessary to install an additional file¬† ‘Gmic-Logos-presets.gmic’ Install Instructions will tell you where it goes

Menu Location Script-Fu/Logos

Support link is at GimpChat


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Random Font Text

This script will create text with each letter having a different font. Options include user configurable font size, choice of text output options, choice of filter for random font selection, background pattern, random rotation of each letter, bumpmap, letter outline, curl, locked text color and font, bumpmap, chisel and inner shadow effects and text layer merging.


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Highlight Rel 0.03 uses Bump Mapping to create highlights on the selected layer. A new Highlight Layer is generate and placed just above the selected layer. Options are included for Highlight color, offset, opacity and blur.

Menu Location
Script-Fu/Text Effects/Highlight

Official Support Thread on GIMP Chat.


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Perspective Shadow Advanced

This script will add an improved perspective shadow to your image objects, text, shapes, or whatever.

Menu Location
Filters/Light and Shadow/Perspective Advanced


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Sweet Candy Text

“Sweet Candy Text” is an adaptation of a tutorial by Coco.

Support thread located on Gimp Chat

You can download a GIMP 2.6 compatible version here.


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Blue Ice


Blue Ice uses the l2height plugin to create text logos with various fill options. Visit the support link at Gimp Chat

You can go Here for info on where to get l2height for your operating system and for support.


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Ice Anything

Creates an icy effect on text or objects on a transparent layer.

Create a text layer, select the layer and run the script.

Visit support thread on Gimp Chat.


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