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Play With Atmoshere

New release (2) of PlayWithAtmoshere

Summary of what’s new
– added two addizional colours effects:
– Late Evening
– Snowy Evening
– added the possibility to get a montage of all effects

Versions supported
– Gimp 2.8.22
– Python as included in Gimp

– Extrn Filters: (Gimp)
– “Render Rain”, if option Rainy is selected
available under Gimp Scripts & Plug-ins
– “Render Snow”, if option Snowy is selected
available under Gimp Scripts & Plug-ins
– both, if option “Montage of all effects” is selected

Platform(s) Supported
– All

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Water Reflection

Script to implement “Water Reflection” of an image
based on dm-gen-1.2.1.scm, which is the script to build a displacement map (v.1.2.1) written by Andrey Lebedenko (Lucidlook) 2009.

Script’s Menu Location
/Script-Fu/Map/Full Water reflection with map

GC Support link is located here


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Water Drop Text

Create a water drop text effect. User selected font, size, color and background images.

Includes an iwarp option to give more flexibility on the final image, along with a selection script to add water drops to the entire image or selected region of an image.

The Support thread is located on GimpChat.


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Liquid Water Effect

Create text which looks like water on a tiled background. The script  also places  water droplets randomly surrounding the text. The script has many parameters to tweak, which allows the user  to get just the right effect they need.

Overall, this script does a good job of creating a fairly realistic water effect.


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