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Gradient Frame

Nov. 16, 2012

Gradient Frame has no dependencies but comes with additional files that you can load. Place Gradient Frame.scm in your gimp scripts folder and refresh

Menu Location is Script-Fu/Edges/Gradient Frame

Support Thread Located Here..

:Note! this you must do..
Place the additional gradient files in the ‘Crown Mouldings from He4rty’ folder into your gimp gradients folder and refresh

:Note! optional
Place the Lace16.pat file into your gimp patterns folder and refresh

:Note! optional
If you wish to use the default gradients from gimp then any of the shaped gradients will do
e.g. Golden, Cold Steel, greens, Horizon 1 & 2 to name a few

Gradient Frame Rel2.1
Gradient Frame Rel2.1
Gradient Frame
Version: Release 2.1
Author: Graechan
117.1 KiB

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